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New Features
* Archive
* Backup
* Multiple Row Selection
* Search

When the Archive function is initiated, it will tranfer all active records with an ID less than the currently selected record (168 shown) to the Archive file. All records marked for deletion in that same range will be deleted. Prior to initiating this function, the user should ensure that all unwanted messages have been marked for deletion. That is where the Multiple Row Selection options discussed further down in this page could come in handy. Good use of the Archive function, as well as the use of alternate mailboxes, will keep the active database fast and efficient.

Once the records marked for deletion have been removed, the database itself contains unused areas where the deleted records were stored. To compact the database and create a backup copy, the backup routine renames the database to JACMail.bak. It then creates a new compressed database called JACMail.mdb and reconnects to it.

The grid that JACMail uses has the ability to bookmark a row by clicking on the far left column, shown here as hightlighted with a right arrow in the far left column.

By depressing and holding the CTRL key down while clicking on various lines, the user can bookmark several records. In this manner, a group of messages can be processed together, such as deletion and transfer to another mailbox.

In addition, the user can bookmark a block of records by selecting one record, and then holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the other end of the block.

There are times when you know that you received certain information in an email, but you don't remember exactly when or from whom. To assist you in finding this information, JACMail has the ability to search each mailbox for a string that might identify the information that you seek.

Once found, the search string is highlighted. Since there may be more than one occurrence of the search string, the next one can be found by using the CTRL N keys in the displayed message as well as in the Find window.

Searching the Body of the message does not include the information shown in the text boxes at the top of the window. For that information, you would have to search the Header.

JACMail Version 1 is no longer offered, and has been replaced by Version 2!
JACMail2 Version 2 is faster and offers a few new features.

When an attachment name extension is improperly formatted, the user is offered the option of renaming the extension to match the application to be used to read it.

When messages are sorted by clicking on a column header, the previous bookmark will be re-established.

JACMail Version 2 is now Unicode compatible.

With the addition of a server component, it will now send Encrypted messages.

Note: IPv6 version software supports both IPv4 and IPv6, but only works on Windows Vista or better systems.

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