December 5, 2018

Paid vs. Organic Mobile App Marketing – How To Combine The Two

This ASKyH episode talks about mobile marketing strategies and how your app can benefit from both paid and organic campaigns working side by side.

Merav and Mike are co-hosting this episode of ASKyH, each representing a different approach to mobile app campaigns – paid and organic.

Tune in to find out more about how you can benefit from both paid and organic mobile marketing efforts.

– This ASKyH episode, we’re going to be talking mobile marketing strategies and how your app can benefit from both paid and organic campaigns working side by side.

– Hey, that’s my part!

– Cue the intro!

– Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first-ever co-hosted episode of ASKyH. I’m Mike.

– And I’m Merav. You’re probably confused as to why there are two of us and why one is significantly better looking than the other.

– Thanks, Merav, I always thought of myself as closer to average.

– I was talking about… you know what, never mind. To make this easier, I’m going to be representing the paid side of campaigns, while Mike here will be speaking about organic.

– When speaking about organic app marketing, we mainly look at aspects within ASO, like

  • search visibility,
  • conversion optimization,
  • localization,
  • and a/b testing.

– On the paid side, there are various platforms we can advertise on:

Google’s Universal App Campaigns combine all of Google’s advertising platforms, including

  • Search,
  • Display,
  • AdMob,
  • YouTube
  • and Google Play.

Then we have social media, with a plethora of advertising opportunities. We’ve got

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Snapchat,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn…

and we always have the option of media buying. It’s unexplored territory for advertisers and also gives us the ability to track installs and buy media directly from app developers, targeting the right users at the right moment.

– We’ve been asked countless times, “what kind of impact do paid campaigns have on my organic traffic?”
Let’s try think of it this way… your app is like a store on the street and the people who walk by your store and come in will be your organic traffic.

– Now that you have a store, you want to promote it and get more people to hear about it, so you advertise. These ads will reach a larger audience and, in turn, drive more foot traffic to your store. These people who see your ads and then go to your store will be your paid traffic.

– So how exactly are you helping me out with anything?

– I’m kind of surprised you made it this far to be honest.

– I meant in terms of traffic.

– Oh, well, with your audience building thanks to me… I mean, paid campaigns… people will recognize your store while they’re walking on the street and come in because of the hype it’s been
getting. This correlation in the marketing world is called the K-factor.

– The K-factor! Ah, she beat me to it.

Getting quality installs from these paid sources can be viewed as high customer satisfaction by the app stores, causing your app to become more predominant in the stores and, in turn, can result in higher keyword rankings, category positions, featuring and other areas, leading to even more visibility and organic impressions.

– I’ll admit it, he has some positive effect on me as well, as hard as it is to imagine, I know.

– That’s right, I do help! With conversion optimization at the helm, we can help lower CPIs. Thanks to our graphical asset geniuses, we convert more users at a higher rate. Both organic and paid traffic benefit from this, and when users convert better, you’re paying less for them.

– Basically, when it comes down to it, you really need both of us to have a really good marketing strategy that will increase your app’s exposure and boost your installs.

– That’s all the time we have for today, guys. If you want to know more, feel free to shoot us questions

– or check out our blog about the Link Between Organic and Paid App Installs.

– Once again, I’m Mike

– and I’m Merav,

– and we’ll see you next time on ASKyH!

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