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Advertisers spend so much time and resources optimizing
ad campaigns by analyzing dozens of metrics.
But what about creatives?

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Creative Intelligence - Art Meets Data

Creatives play such a significant role in campaign performance, so why not build creatives on data? Real, live data. Rather than creating something largely based on subjective visual appeal and generic best practices, create something that is built to perform for your brand.

Alison identifies key elements that affect the success of your creatives, such as characters, colors, sounds, text, and more. With full-funnel data, spanning across placements and countries, you can now dive deep into the performance of each of these elements and find what resonates with each audience.

Smart algorithms are paired with human insights to provide a superior quality of data. Our marketing experts pinpoint distinct features that are unique to your specific brand, going beyond generic data.

This smart creative analysis provides you with all the information you need in order to streamline your creative production. No more hunches. No more guesswork. Now you know what works, what doesn’t, and what to focus on next.

Gain smart creative analysis
Identify top-performing elements
Get full-funnel data

Creative Ideation – Unearth Creative Insights. Uncover Competitive Analysis.

By drilling down into so many features, you are able to accelerate the ideation process for your next set of creatives. Creative iteration just got a bajillion times easier!

Now, this all seems fine and dandy, but what if you were able to outshine your competition? Alison can help you do just that.

Discover new creative elements that worked well for your competitors by comparing elements in your creatives and theirs. Based on this data, Alison will provide recommendations on elements that you never used before in order to appeal to your audience.

Use those key elements to push your campaigns even further.

Expedite your ideation process
Gather competitive intelligence
Become a creative leader

Creative Optimization - Perfecting Creative Targeting

With so much time spent building ad creatives – from the ideation process to design and animation – how can we be confident they will perform? Get actionable insights that tell you exactly what to focus on in order to optimize your creatives. Alison provides top recommendations per country and placement in order to create the ideal creative tailored to each market.

Don’t waste a good creative. Alison allows you to easily detect creative fatigue and rejuvenate your previously successful creatives in order to maximize their potential.

Get actionable insights per audience
Streamline creative production
Optimize faster & better

Creative Production - From Ideation to Animation

Having data-based recommendations is great and all, but do you know what makes them even better? Having a full creative studio with years of performance-oriented experience and a deep understanding of the various platforms at your disposal.

yellowSTUDIO has been working closely with Alison’s development team to help blur the lines between tech and creatives. This synergy was designed to give our partners new & better creatives, tailored to each audience.

Our team of creative geniuses provides end-to-end creative solutions, which include everything from videos with 2D & 3D animation to full studio productions, as well as display ads, ASO assets, and localization.

Get amazing creatives that perform!

Enhance engagement
Maximize CVR
Increase ROI
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