SciPlay and yellowHEAD Team Up for TikTok Triumph

SciPlay and yellowHEAD Team Up for TikTok Triumph

TikTok is bigger than ever, with over a billion active users and 100 million of them in the US alone. That’s why SciPlay, one of the foremost social casino brands in the world, teamed up with yellowHEAD performance marketing to help introduce their games to a new audience on TikTok.


yellowHEAD implemented strategies that proved to be a success. During the campaign period, the ROI for iOS was 19.5% higher on TikTok than on other platform. On Android devices, it matched the ROI KPI for other platforms.

Furthermore, both CPM and CPA saw welcome decreases compared with other platforms. CPM was 6x lower on iOS and 4x lower on Android. Meanwhile, FTD CPA went down 18.5% for iOS users.

Increase in ROI
Decrease in CPM
yellowHEAD went above and beyond to create a detailed, custom plan for our first TikTok ads, then made sure it was executed flawlessly. We’re getting better results for a lower CPA and look forward to more positive outcomes from this collaboration.
Pedro Zaborowsky

Pedro Zaborowsky

UA Team Lead, Sciplay
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