August 22, 2017

10 Ways to Boost Your Creative Thinking

creative thinking

Wherever your work lands you on the marketing funnel – analytics, conversion, retention, biz dev – creativity is always needed. Whether it’s finding a creative solution to a problem, new creative targeting for your ads, or actual creative work in a design team.

When getting a new client / new campaign, or trying to relaunch a campaign that’s stuck, you’ll need to get creative – maybe with the creative itself, with the targeting, with understanding the audience, with the formats…

There’s no COD (creative on demand) button that we can push, and we’ve all been there – sitting in front of our computer screen and completely blanking out. Our ideas tend to be at their worst when we’re aware of them and when we’re anxious. This explains the concept of lightbulbs going off in our heads whenever we get ideas – we’re literally (though subconsciously) turning on a switch in our brains. And while we’re discussing our logo, did you know that the color YELLOW can spark creative thoughts?

So how can you turn that switch on and boost your creativity?

Here are 10 tips from the yellowHEAD creative team:

  1. Establish a creative routine of your own – figure out a method for your creative process that will work for you. We usually start our creative process with exploring – the current situation, objectives, materials, client’s past creatives, competitors – and then, we start spit balling ideas. Set guidelines and ask yourself some questions before you start. You can’t run before you learn how to walk, so now’s the time to take baby steps in the right direction towards creative solutions.
  2. Take time to look up inspirations everywhere, and be very curious. Open an inspiration folder and start exploring. Look at images, colors, ideas, relevant data, thought bubbles. Look at competitors, look at case studies, sign up to newsletters, take time to get some “pinspiration”, explore trends and success stories, and see how it could apply to you and get your creative juices running. Remember, the deadline is always a great inspiration ?
  3. Try to think like your user and ask new questions! And the right Try to find a hidden consumer insight that could be a creative opportunity. There are no questionable ideas, only questions waiting to be asked!
  4. Create a creative work space – find spaces that boost your creativity: a think room, desks full of toys, industry magazines to glance through. Get items that turn the mind on and off like a Rubik’s cube, fidget spinner or even slime. You should see what our workspace here at yellowHEAD looks like!
  5. Brainstorm – Collaborate with others to get feedback. Remember, be open to criticism and new ideas to really benefit from the session!
  6. Break the rules and never say never. No one thought it would work, until it did.
  7. Take a break. Good ideas come to us when we’re comfortable. Whenever we do something relaxing, dopamine is released from our brains and it eases our mind. And with dopamine comes creativity. That’s why the best ideas come to us when we take a shower!So do that. Go for a walk. Get a glass of wine. Put on music. Do what you already know helps you decompress and get a clean slate. Doesn’t work? Stop and sleep on it. Sometimes great ideas come to us in our dreams.
  8. Keep in mind that you know nothing. Things often change, and it’s great to challenge preexisting beliefs. Don’t take something someone told you early on for granted – see if they’re right or wrong.
  9. Live outside your comfort zone. “Think outside the box” is somewhat of a cliché, but creativity starts, and real magic kicks in, when you leave your comfort zone. Don’t do “more of the same”.
  10. SAY YES more often. Lose the negative barriers like “nobody cares”, “what’s the point” – get rid of the creative rut. Enjoy what you do. When life gives you lemons… have fun!

Do you need fresh creatives and new ideas? Our juices are always flowing. We like to look at our work in creative performance marketing as the art of making money, and we’re ready to discuss how we can boost your campaigns. Contact us!

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