November 24, 2016

Why should you promote your app on Instagram?

When thinking about advertising on social media, the usual go-to platform is Facebook. However, there are other audience niches that can be targeted using other channels – one of those with the highest potential being Instagram.

Reach your audience with a different channel

With a community of over 500 million users, Instagram is one of the largest online platforms you can advertise on. Facebook statistics show that extending campaigns to Instagram will increase app installs by 6%. The main benefit of advertising on Instagram is that those 6% are much more valuable customers, who spend more money online than the average user. In addition, Instagram users show more than 50% engagement per user than Facebook users, which increases the likelihood for advertisers to reach their potential customers within their chosen target audience.

Become findable to new audiences

Some of the users who visit Instagram on a daily basis do not necessarily use Facebook (or any other social network for that matter) since the Instagram platform is distinguished by its unique user interface, which allows the user to leaf through photos without too much text and gossip involved.

Many potential customers find sliding photos a pleasant way to catch up on their friends and explore new ideas regarding their interests. Instagram’s powerful algorithm allows the advertiser to reach target audiences precisely, and with the right creatives you can catch their attention naturally without feeling bombarded with sales ads.

Most artistic platform to promote your brand

Branding is extremely important because it drives people to action – potential consumers are more likely to react to a brand they are familiar with, when it’s reflected in a logo, font, or any consistent style associated with the product.

Instagram is the perfect platform for branding, with the most artistic approach out of all the social networks and aesthetics as the basis of all posts. For advertises and product managers, it is a great platform to get wide exposure for their brand by utilizing specific design elements that correspond with their target audience’s interests.

There are plenty of ways to distinguish your brand from other competitors and get the special attention you want as an advertiser. Uploading a black & white photo with a colorful logo might be enough to emphasize the brand and draw the customer’s attention to the brand:


In other cases, using cinemagraphs may attract more attention by implementing a static background with repetitive motion:

Leverage the effect of priming

The priming effect takes place when a person encounters the same signal more than once in succession. When targeted customers see the same ad, logo, or other visual language a second time, they feel already familiar with it. When advertising on both Facebook and Instagram, the priming effect is executed, and the result is that the viewer gets more attracted to the ad, pays more attention to it, and consequently the effect of the ad will be much stronger.

So while Facebook is still by far the largest social network for advertising, you can find quality users elsewhere. A PPC strategy that combines Facebook with other social networks like Instagram has the potential to attract many users you may not reach with a Facebook-only approach.

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