September 19, 2017

Power Editor is Gone… Meet the Updated Ads Manager from Facebook

No drama. Power Editor loses its name but keeps all the functionality in the new, single yet powerful tool from Facebook.

So, if you are still wondering which Facebook ad-buying tool is better for you – Ads Manager or Power Editor – you no longer have to choose.

On September 12th, Facebook announced that it is combining everything you loved in Power Editor and Ads Manager into one powerful tool. A new integrated tool will be called Ads Manager and will enable advertisers to choose which workflow style they prefer – Power Editor’s speed and ease of campaign creation or Ads Manager’s guided step-by-step campaign creation.

For many years, Ads Manager has been trailing behind Power Editor. But as of lately, Facebook has been investing a lot into rolling out new features in Ads Manager in parallel with Power Editor.

Although Power Editor’s name is being phased out, the new tool will incorporate the majority of its sophisticated tools which we, as advertisers, loved. “If you’re currently using Power Editor, you won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name,” as explained by Facebook Help Center.

Two main differences for Ads Manager users:

  • A new workflow for creating ads in addition to guided campaign creation – the one from Power Editor that allows to create campaigns in draft mode and then later create ad sets and ads. If you’re an Ads Manager user, you can still revert to the original ad creation workflow that you’re used to, but that probably won’t last long. Thus, we do recommend getting familiar with the new workflow.
  • Draft mode will automatically save your work when you build your campaign, giving you the flexibility to set up all ad components and go live at a later date. There’s also an added benefit of a review process (something that Ads Manager users didn’t have before): not a single change you make can be pushed live without you explicitly confirming it. This can be super helpful for novices, as it gives them an ability to make sure they have uploaded everything exactly as they planned.

Campaign reporting in the updated Ads Manager:

The new Ads Manager will naturally be a single source of reports. Facebook has recently done a lot of changes which made Ads Manager a great tool for monitoring the results of your campaigns. So the updated tool will combine all comprehensive charts with breakdowns, summary rows, date benchmarks, exported insights reports and the ability to customize columns from Ads Manager.

“By focusing our efforts on improving a single platform, we hope to bring greater efficiency to our advertisers,” says Facebook.

We are looking forward to seeing how this new tool will evolve as Facebook consolidates their efforts and continues realizing more improvements.

Watch a brief video for an overview of the new features.

If you have any questions about how the new tool will work or are looking for some help with your campaigns, let us know and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you with an unprecedented bonus – the yellowHEAD Analytics Platform that provides real-time insights on your campaign performance.

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