July 18, 2022

Fantasy Sports Platform Scores Touchdown with yellowHEAD User Acquisition

yellowHEAD’s Paid User Acquisition team recently worked with an innovative platform serving a large community of fantasy sport lovers. Here’s how we helped them scale.

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yellowHEAD’s Paid User Acquisition team achieved great results recently for an innovative fantasy sports platform with an active community of fantasy sports enthusiasts.

The platform has a unique scoring system that lets its members customize player lineups for each game rather than for the whole season and has transformed how people enjoy sports from basketball to baseball, football to hockey, as well as golf, MMA, NASCAR, and more.

When they turned to yellowHEAD, the platform was growing in popularity, but so were the costs of acquiring all the new users; in other words, it was the perfect time to partner up with yellowHEAD’s User Acquisition team and build a new strategy.

The Challenge

The fantasy sports platform wanted to find more sports enthusiasts who would be active participants in the platform, but this is often very costly. yellowHEAD’s goal for this client was to encourage new players to register and become active members of the community while keeping costs in check.

The Results

The results of yellowHEAD’s UA efforts increased registrations and deposits while lowering the costs significantly. These were the outcomes:

  • 517% increase in first-time deposits (FTD)
  • 301% more registrations
  • 53% lower cost per registration (CPR)
  • 70% lower cost per first-time deposit (CP FTD)

How We Did It

When yellowHEAD started its work with this platform, it was the off-season for many major sports, which meant first-time deposits were low and hard to optimize without a carefully-planned-and-executed strategy.

To measure our results, yellowHEAD focused on FTD as the main metric and registrations as a secondary metric.

The yellowHEAD User Acquisition approach included a mix of web and Google Universal App Campaigns from the start, with our UA team carefully monitoring and optimizing them regularly.

For example, when yellowHEAD UA saw that UAC was starting to perform better, they invested more funds and effort there.

To encourage more first-time users, yellowHEAD first optimized for an upper-funnel event in order to ramp up campaigns and get a better idea of the audience’s desires.

Our User Acquisition team tested different variations of in-app event optimization, where the upper and lower funnel events were involved. The campaigns continued to improve as the fantasy sport platform’s dedicated UA team learned more and tested new campaigns with different creative sets. The campaign’s performance improved from there.

Throughout the process, they tested different ad groups with different themes, then optimized and kept the top performers.

The campaign’s budget was closely monitored at all times so it could be allocated most effectively.

With the optimized strategy in place, FTD numbers rose as football season kicked off. Bids and budgets increased accordingly to take advantage of this rise.

Although it’s usually best to avoid big changes during important times, yellowHEAD’s professional team could tell it was an appropriate time to make an exception to the rule and ride the momentum.

It paid off and allowed the fantasy sports platform to ride this positive trend even higher.

yellowHEAD UA rounded off the plan with an FTD optimization campaign based on the top-performing campaigns and were able to allocate more budget to it.

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