June 11, 2020

Google Play Console’s Redesign Boasts New Features, Now in Beta

Google Play Console Beta

Google’s done it again with a new update! This time, the ASO community will be ecstatic to find the Google Play Console more intuitive, informative, and insightful for KPIs.

Here are some key highlights for all us ASO nerds: ?

User Acquisition reports are now FULLY filterable

Yes, that includes Google Play Search! You can now filter by keyword(s), country, language, and status (new/returning users). Conversion Rates with these specific filters are a breeze, and you will automatically see delta comparisons to the previous period for visitors, installs (“Store Listing Acquisitions”), and CVR in the data table.

Google Play Console BETA

Definitions are much clearer!

Check out the helpful info about the changes to better understand which metrics are included where. For example, “Users following these search auto-completes will now be attributed to Google Play search, as opposed to Google Play explore.” It was never stated outright that this wasn’t the case in the past, so good to know! ?

Also, it appears that clicks from Search Ads will be grouped under Google Play search. “For example, users who clicked on a search result, or a Google Play search advert, are attributed to Google Play search.” This is similar to how Apple’s App Store Connect includes Apple Search Ads under App Store Search acquisition numbers.

But don’t take it from us – everyone can go and explore the new BETA. Just log into play.google.com/console instead of the usual login URL.

Check out the details HERE.

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